Sidney Meet Up - Membership Benefits


Membership profiles:

Increase your visibility; your profile will be posted on our website and Facebook page with links to your website, facebook, twitter and linkedIn.


We have many opportunities for our members to learn about all aspects of being in business such as Social Media & communication seminars. We also are available to have one on one discussions and/or training.


Members receive group advertising rates in newspaper and magazines.

Special VIP discounting on products and services with other members as well as local Sidney Merchants.


Social Media Blasting:

If you have a special event happening or a special, we will blast it over Social Media to increase your visibility.


You'll have the opportunity to be part of our fundraising efforts which will give you more exposure/networking opportunities with other members as well as other people in our community.


You’ll have the opportunity to promote your business through group advertising in local Magazines and Newspapers at group rates.

You will have the opportunity to showcase your product to a group of women during our events. If you are interested in hosting a meeting at your place of work, this will also give you more exposure to the other members.


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